Life Update! 

Hi everyone! Roman and I have gone MIA these past few months and as much as we wanted to blog, so much has happened that we hardly had any time to sit and write! But we’re back and have plenty to share with you all! ❤️

Updated selfie with my love! I dyed my hair to brown! Lol

I came back from the Philippines to Pennsylvania first week of April. I had an amazing time there with family (I actually still have a few posts to make from the trip which will be up soon!) but it was nice coming back home to my love! 

So during my last week of vacation in the Philippines, I received an email from the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine stating that I was officially licensed and can practice as a Respiratory Care Practitioner! I was licensed in California but when I moved to the East Coast, the process of getting my license took MONTHS and at times I was getting discouraged but God is so good because it came and after the big trip to the Philippines! When I got back to PA, I sent out ONE application to this one hospital that’s literally only 15 minutes from the house and the next day, I got an interview and the following day after, I got offered the job! 

One of the biggest blessings of 2017, thus far! I prayed for an acute care hospital job as a Registered Respiratory Therapist since I graduated and I am more than thrilled to have received an offer at a Level 3 NICU center as a full time employee and with a highly generous sign on bonus! I’m still in shock honestly and I’m already 3 weeks going on 4 into the job. Lol I love what I do– from working with babies to kids to adults and everyday is something different! From being in the ER, NICU, ICU, or on a patient transport from one hospital to another and being part of the critical care team… it’s surreal to think back to how much I’ve learned and gained as an experience these last few weeks.

First day on the job!

I’m so thankful for the support I’ve been receiving on the daily basis from Roman, his parents, my family, Nan and everyone else!!! I would not be able to go through these 8-12 hour shifts without them and their love and continuous support. 

My schedule has been all over the place with orientation and now that I’m off orientation, my shifts are from 2-10pm and 2pm-2am! Roman and I are adjusting to this schedule because we have been used to being together everyday, but it’s a constant reminder for us to give it all to God and to let Him take care of our relationship and we know that He will never fail us! 

So asides my work, these other events have taken place!

Roman always loved nature but this Spring, he’s been into planting and gardening and it’s the cutest thing ever!! He’s made the front + backyard look so colorful with all the trees and flowers he’s planted!

My little gardener

And he has been such a handy man lately… he’s been setting up new furniture for the backyard and look how pretty this solar umbrella is!

He found his new hobby! Lol and me on the other hand… I started golf lessons with my friend Olivia and Roman’s mom, Doni! And it’s at one of the most beautiful golf clubs in North East PA!

Glenmaura Golf Club

Our classes are every Thursday night and each week they provide us unlimited drinks and a different theme! lol so far we’ve had Sangria and Margarita night! How awesome is that? Although I don’t drink, I’m sure everyone else is loved it! ☺️

And the last update for today:

Mark, Roman’s father, bought us these awesome new bikes!!!!! We were beyond excited and that was so thoughtful of him.


Thank you so much! You are the real MVP!!!

We love our new bikes!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend! Roman and I will be back to posting regularly and keeping updated with everyone’s post again! ❤️



6 thoughts on “Life Update! 

  1. xoJenny says:

    Aw I’ve missed seeing your posts on here!!! So happy to see what you guys have been up to! First of all congrats on the job!! That is amazing and so well deserved!!! Those are some wild hours but thank goodness for your support system! Roman’s doing such an amazing job with the gardening….can he come do me and Andrew’s place next? haha kidding I’m so proud of you for taking golf lessons. I’ve been going to the driving range here and there and it’s actually really fun, I keep telling Andrew I’m ready for a real course 😉 Orrrr maybe just drive the carts around lol Wishing you all the best!

    xo, JJ

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  2. Mackenzie says:

    I am about a whole month late to this post but this is SO exciting!!! First, LOVE your hair. You are a stunner, girl! CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS on receiving your license!!!! That is HUGE. I know we chatted about this, but I feel your pain hardcore in that waiting game. So amazing, chica. You worked so hard for that. I see the RT team as angels in our hospital. Don’t know what we’d do without them! And that job!!! I cannot contain my excitement- that is INCREDIBLE!! I love the reminder that we just have to give it ALL to God. You two will be stronger through this year. DJ and I are in a super similar place- we hardly see one another, but it does make the time we have together extra extra special. That solar umbrella is awesome! Way to go Roman! I think it’s time for another update from ya’ll!! Sending you so much love from Cali. ❤ ❤

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    • RomanAndJesci says:

      No worries girl, I’m sure you’ve been beyond busy!! I missed reading all your stuff so I can’t wait to spend time to catch up today!!! And thank you so much, obtaining my license here in PA was a long difficult process but thank God it arrived at the perfect timing! Also since I’m super late with this response– I’m just one month away from getting off my 90 day orientation/probation period and I can tell you that it definitely did bring Roman and I closer and even stronger because it does make allll the time we have together much more special! I’m so happy you and DJ are able to work around your scheduling as well and that things are even better than ever! 🙂 And nowwww I’m excited to catch up on your posts!!! Lots of love from the East Coast!

      – Jess

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      • Mackenzie says:

        Awwwww!!!! You are too kind, Jess! Oh man- that time FLEW! How exciting that you are almost there- only 1 more month!!! You go, girl! And God’s timing is soo perfect, always. I think that is something I have learned this past year big time too. That’s amazing to hear that you and Roman are growing closer through the distance rather than apart. It’s SO true that distance makes the heart grow fonder! Sending you big big hugs ❤


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